BuyerLink is in the business of helping local merchants gain access to online customers.

BuyerLink generates tens of thousands of prospects for our clients every month. We service large national brands like Sears, Ford, and GM as well as thousands of local businesses.

Regardless of a business' size, we've been successful at allowing them to maximize their profits.

Our Management Team and Board of Directors are comprised of seasoned industry professionals from Fortune 500 Companies in the technology and advertising sector.

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                What is Local Marketer™?

                Local Marketer™ is a customer acquisition tool for businesses seeking high quality leads or traffic to their websites. Consumers searching for products or services on the web are captured and passed onto businesses as Qualified Leads or Enhanced Clicks℠. Businesses manage their supply of Qualified Leads or Enhanced Clicks℠ via a simple online interface accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

                What is a Qualified Lead?

                A Qualified Lead includes the contact information of consumers expressing interest in a particular product or service in a specified geography. Qualified Leads are sent to businesses within minutes from the consumer expressing interest online.

                What is an Enhanced Click℠?

                Enhanced Clicks℠ are visits to a business’ website from consumers who have expressed interest in a particular product or service in a specified geography. Every Enhanced Click℠ originates with a consumer choosing the desired product or service and the zip code where they want that service completed. After taking this action, consumers are directed to a business’ website as an EnhancedClick℠.

                What is BuyerLink?

                BuyerLink is the leading online marketplace for locally-targeted advertising. Since 2008, BuyerLink has helped local businesses grow by acquiring new customers online. Learn more at

                Where do Local Marketer™ Qualified Leads and Enhanced Clicks℠ come from?

                Consumers visit one of our websites directly or they come to one of our websites via channels such as Google, Bing or Facebook. A consumer becomes a Qualified Lead or an Enhanced Click℠ by completing a form on one of our websites.

                How is Local Marketer™ different from the competition?

                Local Marketer™ is different because it is completely self-serve for your business. All you do is simply set your criteria, tell us what you want to pay per Qualified Lead or Enhanced Click℠ and set your weekly spend – we do the rest. It's so simple.

                How much does BuyerLink Local Marketer™ cost? Nothing (until you use up your $100 credit)

                That's right, BuyerLink Local Marketer™ gives you a $100 credit to test out our service.

                After your free credit, you will only be charged for the Qualified Leads or Enhanced Clicks℠ that are generated at the prices and budgets that you set.

                How do you receive Enhanced Clicks℠?

                Enhanced Clicks℠ are directed from the page where consumers choose their product or service and input their zip code to the specific business URL that you define in the system. Enhanced Clicks℠ are sent to only one business URL.

                How do you receive Qualified Leads?

                Qualified Leads can be sent to single or multiple business email addresses and/or a mobile phone – its all based on your preferences. All Qualified Leads are also stored in the dashboard for retrieval at any time. Qualified Leads can be sent to up to 4 businesses, however the company average is less than 2.

                Your feedback is extremely important to us

                BuyerLink Local Marketer™ takes feedback on the leads we provide very seriously. With every lead we send, we ask for feedback so that we can insure you are getting the best and greatest.

                You will receive invitations to rate your lead in your lead texts, emails and within the lead dashboard – we've tried to make it as simple as possible.

                Please provide feedback.

                How can BuyerLink Local Marketer™ help your business?

                BuyerLink Local Marketer™ can supply your business with a steady stream of real-time inquiries from consumers who match criteria set by you:

                • Industry sector
                • Service type
                • Specific product or project
                • Location

                Sign-up now now and you will receive a $100 advertising credit.

                Is it possible to cancel or deactivate the account completely?

                Yes, you may choose to deactivate your account any time or simply pause if you just need a bit of time to catch up.

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